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Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

SpacingAn excess of available space, resulting in gaps between the teeth. 


Cleft Palate-  Congenital deformity in which there is an opening in the roof of the mouth.



Class II OverbiteWhere the upper molars and teeth are more forward than the lower molars and teeth.



Anterior Open Bite- Lack of contact with the teeth in the front of the mouth.



Crossbite​-  A condition in which some or all of the lower teeth close outside the upper teeth when biting down.


Class III Underbite​- The lower jaw and teeth are forward of the upper jaw and teeth.



Phase 1 & Phase 2Phase-One treatment is to help the jaw develop in a way that will accommodate all of the permanent teeth and improve the way the upper and lower jaws fit together. Phase-Two is for when the equilibrium is established, the teeth will function together properly. Phase-Two usually involves full upper and lower braces.